Von BoyettPresident and Chief Financial Officer

    Von Boyett is an innovative and highly skilled business owner and co-founder with Dr. Jarrett Flood of WorldConnect IPTV Solutions, LLC. Mr. Boyett’s global experiences and exceptional business acumen have contributed significantly to the rapid growth and commercial successes of WorldConnect.

    For more than 25 years, Mr. Boyett has operated a private equity company specializing in power generation services. The firm continues to operate. He also accomplished a notable achievement in the broadcast industry in the 1980s. While CEO and owner of his own company, he successfully brokered the first foreign television station in the former Soviet Union with over 7,000 television stations on the Russian network TV1—reaching a geographic expanse that included 11 time zones—with a viewing audience of three hundred million.

    Mr. Boyett maintains an excellent personal reputation industry-wide for high-quality job performance and uncompromising business and personal ethics.