Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is a relatively new and still evolving technology. IPTV delivers HDTV-quality programming to consumers via a broadband connection using Internet protocols. Viewing of content typically requires a set-top box or PC.


IPTV is sometimes bundled with other services such as video on demand (VOD), digital phone (voice over IP or VOIP) and web access, which is known in the industry to as Triple Play. IP technology allows for TVs, PCs, telephones and other wireless devices to be integrated to all work together.

WorldConnect’s IPTV solutions enable content owners to deliver high quality, optimized internet video streaming to consumers and monetize online content with subscription services, ad-funded content, PPV, pay-as-you-go and/or other payment-based offerings.


WorldConnect, through its London-based technology partner Vision247, can distribute clients’ media using the newest and most innovative IPTV technology. Vision247’s award-winning FreeviewHD digital TV platform provide for a new range of over-the-top TV solutions and features including an Electronic Program Guide (EPG). For broadcasters, FreeviewHD is a low cost and highly effective content distribution option that reaches millions of viewers. For example, in the U.K., FreeviewHD is the main Free-to-Air digital TV platform, offering 50+ digital TV channels. Nearly 100% of U.K. consumers can receive FreeviewHD service.

IPTV and connected technologies are revolutionizing the way in which content is being created, distributed and consumed. These technologies are set to transform the global broadcast industry of the future.

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