Dr. Jarrett Flood, CEO of WorldConnect IPTV Solutions, was recently provided a front-row view at The Cable Show 2013 of how the cable industry is at the center of dynamic change across the communications and entertainment sectors. The event, which was held in Washington D.C,. was represented by the top names in the cable industry as well as leading technology product developers.

The show provided lots of opportunities for Dr. Flood to renew connections with colleagues, meet new telecom professionals, and network with leading content producers. He connected with influential telecom leaders and the public faces and representatives of top content producers including Fox, Fox Business Network, One America News Network, Ebru TV, Pivot, HBO and many others.

On exhibit at The Cable Show were innovations in multi-screen content delivery strategies, cloud-based applications and other advances for 2014 and beyond.

“It was a rich learning program,” Dr. Flood commented, “and one that demonstrated cutting-edge technologies that affect how are consumers engaged in and interact with telecom products and programming.”

WorldConnect is committed to delivering best-of-show products and services to its clients. Participating in industry events such as The Cable Show and staying current on product development are two ways WorldConnect can help lead its clients into the exciting future of cable and satellite communications.