Dr. Jarrett S. Flood, M.D., Chairman and CEO of WorldConnect IPTV Solutions, LLC, and Von Boyett, president and COO, recently presented its strategy of converting a municipality into a Gigabyte City to the mayor and officials of a key Southern city. The consultation was the first in an anticipated series of presentations to select cities. The concept is based on a public-private venture. When elected, WorldConnect will activate its network of investors, experienced contractors and technology consultants to provide municipalities with expertise and funding assistance for a full turn-key project.

A Gigabyte City, or “Gig” City, is one with a 100% fiber optic network that enables the city to offer one Gigabit-per-second Internet speed to homes and businesses throughout the entire community. A “gig” is the fastest public Internet service in the Western Hemisphere (200 times the speed of the national average).

A Smart Grid can overlay the network. Smart grid technology is a next-generation electrical power system that increases use of communications and information technology in the generation, delivery and consumption of electrical energy.

As a “Gig” City, municipalities that adopt the technology will be placed in an exclusive group of cities able to provide uncommon advantages to its citizens in the following areas:

  • Healthcare – Allows healthcare providers unprecedented digital access to other professionals and diagnostic tools
  • Education – Provides students and educators with access to digital learning tools, opportunities for collaboration.
  • Business and Job Growth
    • Sustains existing businesses, creates robust environment for business start-ups
    • Attracts new businesses and industries
    • Attracts outside investments, infrastructure development
  • Municipal Services – Cost-effectively and efficiently delivers city services; creates foundation for citywide Smart Grid to optimize energy services and public safety
  • Citizens – Offers lightning-fast Internet to homes, provides digital platform to public services.

A city’s public safety division can “piggyback” on the infrastructure to provide important tools to law enforcement and the fire department.

City officials who are interested in exploring plans for their cities may call Dr. Flood for information.