Recently WorldConnect Chairman Dr. Jarrett Flood and CTO Michael Gaspard engaged market leaders in the storage industry at the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show. Their goals: To further advance the projects of their clients in telecommunications and in the medical industries by using technology to improve clients’ internal processes and drive growth.


The NAB show is the world’s largest annual conference and expo for professionals in the telecommunications, entertainment and other technologies, and it is the launch site of many new, innovative technology products.  Dr. Flood, who is a regular show attendee, considers NAB an essential tool in keeping pace with rapidly changing technology and advances that could benefit WorldConnect clients.


This year the show provided an excellent platform for WorldConnect executives to gauge the current market in storage solutions for intense high-speed data workflows, to prospectively direct those technologies toward the data storage market. Key elements prioritized by Flood and Gaspard were security, speed and scalability. The NAB show delivered with top tier solutions from several platforms that will enable organizations to lower storage costs while maintaining maximum uptime.


Dr. Flood emphasized that innovation must align with reliability and security. “Driving our clients to a stronger, more secure platform allows us to break new barriers in our coverage of customer needs,” he stated. “This makes our relationships stronger and gives us the edge over our competition.”


“We need to push the marker forward for other industries,” Gaspard added. “Crossing the industry barrier and using these guys to push each other to innovate turns in to a win for us and a win for our clients.”


WorldConnect recently launched a cloud-based, cutting-edge yet cost-effective solution to streamline medical image storage–with the ability for user access of images anytime and anywhere. Hospitals and healthcare customers may contact Dr. Flood or Michael Gaspard for information on this versatile and innovative application.