Recently WorldConnect CEO Dr. Jarrett Flood and CTO Michael Gaspard attended the annual Internet and Television Expo, or INTX 2016 (formerly the Cable Show), in anticipation of evaluating new platforms for partnership with WorldConnect’s PerceptionTV, a function-rich media technology that provides leading edge multiscreen IPTV solutions to telco’s, broadcasters, content owners and ISPs.


INTX has evolved over the years from primarily an arena for content providers to a venue for all innovators in content creation, broadband infrastructure, television delivery, IP applications and more. INTX offers a firsthand view of the business strategies, technology trends and economic and policy imperatives to inform and influence the next big progressions in media and communications.


Dr. Flood was particularly excited about the future of Internet Protocol (IP) television in the United States. “There is a gap in the industry for competitors to provide a good alternative solution to standard OTT delivery. I strongly believe we are building the best alternative on the market, and I believe we can improve users’ experience of TV.”


CTO Michael Gaspard provided insight on merging European market technologies and bringing them to the entertainment-rich Western countries. “What we want to do is not reinvent the wheel but be clever about how we make it roll. The formula for success is straightforward: Keep it simple and most of all make it work how it should.”


For further information in IPTV and PerceptionTV, interested parties may contact Dr. Flood or Michael Gaspard.