Dr. Jarrett Flood, CEO of WorldConnect IPTV Solutions, attended the annual Cable Show (now called INTX) in Chicago in May 2015, as is his custom. The following remarks reflect his observations and insights into directions the telecommunications industry is taking:

This year’s show was an insightful look into new technology’s influence on the telecommunications industry. From the Internet of Things to new technologies, INTX’s program made clear that wired and wireless carriers are facing a rapidly evolving technology landscape, and the impact of digitization continues to drive telecom operators’ most significant strategic decisions.

Increasingly networks are using cloud-based strategies, and networks are making content available on more devices. (Microsoft has entered the cloud arena in a substantial way, and the company had a large presence at the show.) Emphasis was made that adopters of cloud-based systems must be aware that the digital environment will require a higher level of security and privacy protection.

Among other topics of interest was transitions to IPTV. This technology has significantly advanced in the past few years. New technology now allows for IPTV to be delivered to consumers in high quality definition and on various devices. And IPTV capabilities provide for distribution without high-priced satellite costs and cable infrastructure.

One IPTV platform in particular was a main attraction: Sling TV. Sling TV is a subsidiary of Dish Network product, is challenging cable in a big way. A Sling package includes 19 channels, most of them basic cable staples like ESPN, AMC, Disney Channel, TNT, History and HGTV. Sling TV’s minimum cost of $20 per month (current rate) will be a big attraction to subscribers

Similar products from other innovators are being developed.

It is exciting to be a part of these transformations as more content is delivered over IP.

IPTV in the U.S. is poised to expand quickly with delivery of content anywhere-anytime, and new telecom tools and technologies are being introduced to satisfy consumer and business demands for functionality, quality, and convenience. Please give Dr. Flood a call to discuss how new products and technologies can elevate your company’s competitive advantage with IPTV.