WorldConnect IPTV Solutions is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with PerceptionTV Ltd. Headquartered in London, Perception delivers innovative, compelling and state of the art platform products and services.

The Perception IPTV multiscreen platform integrates live TV, catch-up TV, video-on-demand and cloud-based PVR into one intuitive user-interface. It works on set top boxes, Smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smart phones, supporting iOS and Android.

Dr. Jarrett Flood, CEO of WorldConnect, led the company’s efforts to solidify an official agreement with Perception for ISPs and content aggregators that require a commercially flexible and rapidly deployable IPTV solution. In his announcement, Dr. Flood stated that, “Perception’s innovativeness, industry recognition, cutting-edge technology and the expertise they represent in working with cloud-based applications make them an ideal partner for WorldConnect.”

Operators and broadcasters may contact Dr. Flood directly for more information on how they can cost-effectively meet the demands of their consumers for live, on-demand, catch-up TV and cloud-based PVR in one slick user interface.